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    A veteran newspaper reporter, Jesse tells stories of regular people living with passion, struggling against injustice or simply practicing their faith. Through songwriting, magazine journalism and essays, Jesse aims to describe the human condition, especially the search for transcendence.


    The Atlantic

Big Bill City Blues (Durham News column on city’s growth)

Durham has now grown to the point where I’m afraid to go downtown. I’m not afraid of crime nor of being unwelcome. I’m only a little annoyed about paying $15 or $20 for a simple meal. These are all legitimate fears, depending on who you are. But what really terrifies me is not being able to find a parking space.

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The Vault rises from the ashes (Durham News column)

Moses Ochola is trying to renew his father’s original mission: Making a space for African diasporic culture in Durham, with a new emphasis on the diaspora more than the African. Moses says The Vault is for “old Durham, black Durham.”

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